Re-branding a non-profit assisting domestic violence survivors.

Let's keep this 


I have learned many things during my time at Brandcenter.

Not the least of which is, yes, branding can be used to sell products. 

  But it should also be used to sell ideas that have the potential to make a difference in peoples' lives.

For my independent study I was able to do just that. 


In 2017, Shameka White created Solutions to Healing, a non-profit aimed at providing survivors of domestic violence with a healing retreat where they would partake in activities, intimate group discussions, massages, private bath soaks, meditation and trauma-informed yoga.


Survivors have been slow to embrace Solutions to Healing,

forcing the owner to invite friends (who are also survivors)

in order to garner testimonials for the business.


How can Solutions to Healing provide unique value for a survivor?


Being lucky enough not to have experienced domestic violence myself, 

I made it my mission to understand it to the best of my ability.

How the world sees Domestic violence

Many views of what domestic violence is, are shaped through this lens of popular culture.

This is why when I say "domestic violence" the physical evidence comes to mind.

In order to understand fully what life looked like after experiencing domestic violence, I executed the following.

Courtney*  was someone I held in high regard for her academic prowess and kind heart. But until I began investigating this topic, I was unaware that she had survived an extreme, abusive situation.

Courtney's* story was unique to her, but the common threads of isolation, verbal abuse and escalation of physical abuse were representative of many survivors I spoke with. 

As I continued with my interviews, I heard the following about life after abuse:


I then asked each survivor their thoughts on attending a survivors retreat.

Survivors are risk averse for good reason. One survivor said she felt like years of her life were stolen from her. Because of this, she will strear clear of activities and people that are unfamiliar to her. 

A survivors retreat is asking many to leave the comfort and safety of their homes for an unknown place.

I concluded by asking each survivor what has helped them to heal.

Many different answers were given, but the common thread of connection remained prominent.  



Help extraordinary survivors live fuller lives

by providing easy access to connections and healing.


simply means to continue to live or exist.

This brand can be the bridge from

passive to active healing,

from surviving to thriving. 


The business name "Solutions to Healing" suggests that it is offering a quick solve for a survivor's trauma. Being a "solution" to healing is a promise that cannot be kept.

From my interviews I found that each survivor is at a different point in their healing process.

The Cocoon embodies the idea of a safe and transformative space for survivors to connect at any point in that journey from surviving to thriving. 

A series of unfortunate events led you here.

But remember, just when a caterpillar thinks she has met her end,

she discovers it is only the beginning.

The survivors have the option of participating in some, none or all of the following services.

All services let them get their feet wet,

and interact with the brand at a gradual pace.


Private survivors groups online have massive numbers of members, resulting in many women's posts getting buried.

The danger lies in the fact that if this is their first time reaching out, and they receive no response, it could be the last time they do so. 

Scaling The Cocoon's group to have 1 moderator per 100 members will ensure everyone will receive a response.

CoCoon Connections

Survivors looking for a more one on one connection, and confidant could apply for a cocoon connection.

Survivors would apply online and be paired based on needs and wants. Each survivor would receive their connection's first name only. 

Hand written letters would be addressed to The Cocoon's P.O. Box, and readdressed to the recipient. This allows for a level of anonymity and keeps the survivors secure and safe.

Google Hangout

I heard repeatedly that a physical retreat was too far out of their comfort zone for where they were in the healing process. 

There is an opportunity to minimize the commitment and making connections easier.

By providing applicants with a packet including a welcome letter, itinerary, and prompts to complete before the Hangout, you can better utilize time. This method reduces commitment, and because it is encrypted, no one will be able to enter without the unique link.

Google Hangout

The day of the Hangout, survivors will enjoy an intimate and safe way to connect, heal and participate in trauma formed yoga from the comfort of their home.

This will reduce cost and increase the opportunity to increase frequency of the Hangout.


Comfort and connection will always be high priority areas.

These phases allow for customization of services.

This allows for the slow, yet steady progression that will ideally lead to phase 4 of the physical retreat.

Once trust is earned with the other phases, the survivors may be more interested in taking that next step toward healing.

Patient intake was slow.


LET's keep this SHORT & SWEET


Solutions to Healing is a non-profit providing day long retreats for survivors of domestic violence. 


Survivors have been slow to embrace Solutions to Healing.


How can Solutions to Healing provide unique value for a survivor of domestic violence?


1. A survivor's energy is her most precious resource.

2. Healing is regarded by many survivors as passive.

3. The most healing power comes from connections.


Close the gap from passive to active healing by providing easy ways to connect to other survivors.


The healing bridge between surviving and thriving.


Demonstrate that survivor connections heal.


The Cocoon connects survivors in a safe, transformative way.

Independent Study

by me


New Brand Name

by Kate Ursu, Copywriter